Working method: transparency, honesty, clarity.

After you contact us, we will go through your order with you and discuss the details. We can do this in our own offices, but we don’t mind coming to you either. We will talk about your wishes and issues and discuss the possibilities and solutions we can offer you.

Next, you will receive our offer including the necessary documents and/or drawings.

You, the client, can accept and agree to our offer by signing the order confirmation and sending the products which need to be assembled to Opfa Solutions. These products will be processed by us as we discussed and agreed upon. Next, within the specified time frame, we will return the end product to you.

Our core values: transparency,
honesty and clarity!

As often as possible Opfa Solutions uses all-in prices, this way you (and we) know exactly what to expect.

If it isn’t possible to make an estimate of the working hours needed for your order, we will work with a subsequent calculation. If this is the case, we will explicitly mention this in the offer to ensure we communicate clearly, honestly and transparently with you.

"Five simple steps from request to end product"
Nadine Pasterkamp

Below you can find the five simple steps with which we turn your problem into our solution:

1| First things first: don’t hesitate to contact us via email or phone.
2| We will go through and discuss your order together.
3| You will receive an honest and transparent offer.
4| If you are clear on everything, you send us your order confirmation.
5| You will receive the agreed upon products within the specified time.