Please let us introduce ourselves

We get that you want to know more about us! So let us explain who we are and what Opfa Solutions is about:

We are Nadine Pasterkamp and Yvonne Hooiveld, related to each other.¬†Because of these family ties we work well together; we’ve both dealt with our share of challenges and we will not shy away from them at any time.¬†

Our motto: BRING IT ON!

Today in every industry it’s becoming a problem to find good and especially enough (qualified) employees. Sorting out your priorities in allocating tasks and working hours has become increasingly important.

Not only are we relentlessly helpful, we are also able to think and work using a solution-oriented approach. This led us to starting Opfa Solutions and assisting you any way we can!

You can hire Opfa Solutions for a wide range of activities which we can perform in the Netherlands or abroad: assembling, prefab, labelling, packaging and repackaging, etc. Anything and everything can be discussed and negotiated, together we will come up with the best solution!

Yvonne Hooiveld – Managing Partner
Nadine Pasterkamp – Managing Partner